Virus detected?

Some antiviruses report the presence of dangerous files (malware, trojans, viruses...) in Lupo PenSuite: they are false positives. The Suite is checked with different antivirus engines and is completely clean.

- False positive reasons
Many files in the Suite are compressed with UPX (this compression make the whole Suite smaller). These files sometimes are detected as dangerous by antiviruses even if they are not bad.
A small number of programs are reported by some antiviruses because of their use is potentially dangerous (but not dangerous in itself), for example programs that allow to shutdown PC, scan ports and scan IPs.

- To fix the problem
You have to stop your antivirus, open "UPX Tool+" (included in the Suite, in "Extra\File Tools") and use it to decompress files reported as dangerous. Then you can restart the antivirus and check the Suite again.
Now, if you want, you can send the suspicious file to VirusTotal and verify its dangerousness. Finally you can report us that file with a message.

- Known false positives
"...\Apps\7-Zip Plus\App\7-Zip\7z.exe" by eSafe, F-Secure, Norman, Panda
"...\Apps\7-Zip Plus\App\7-Zip\7z.sfx" by eSafe, Norman, Panda
"...\Apps\7-Zip Plus\App\7-Zip\7zCon.sfx" by eSafe, Panda
"...\Apps\FDM Lite\fdmwi.exe" by eSafe, Sophos
"...\Apps\Games\Portable Puzzles\puzzles\fifteen.exe" by many antivirus engines (Download not upxed version)
"...\Apps\Games\Portable Puzzles\puzzles\lightup.exe" by eSafe, Panda, TrendMicro (Download not upxed version)
"...\Apps\Universal Extractor\bin\Unp\Bzip2_3.unp" by AntiVir, eSafe, Panda, SecureWeb-Gateway, TrendMicro

"...\Apps\WinContig\WinContig.exe" by BitDefender, eSafe, GData, Prevx1