Lupo Project

- Introduction

The fundamental idea behind this project is to build something unique and complete, not just focusing on some aspects while others drop, but gathering the best products from every ambit. The aim is to create just one optimum basic Suite, well-adapted for every kind of user, which can also be easily enriched and customized. To extend to the max user's freedom, reaching every need, the project goes even beyond: we present a huge collection of portable applications, that try to consider also the specific and professional interests of some our users; we finally have included a rich list of portable games, usually neglected by other similar projects, in our broad software database.

- History

The project was born in 2005, when I was interested on some programs that "I discover" can works also after I moved them on an other PC. Then I decided to collect them and made of a small package, in order to bring it with me.
After few times applications increased and I decided to search a software to managing them in a small list, while I was searching about portable software on the web.
Between the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 I started to find projects that were about portable software, I published the first test versions of my Suite on some forums and in particular someone adviced me to try WinInizio suites. I stayed on this forum very well, I discussed with other users, I helped less expert and I progressively become an expert of portable software.
Continuing my software collection, I improved it under various points of view, while on WinInizio I continue the collaboration and they proposed me to work for their project. In this period on their forum I also met Salvatore, a user that was starting to develop a completely open source suite of programs.
WinInizio imposed me limitations if I had decided to work with they; so, also because of problems between the administrators of the forum and Salvatore, I prefered to continue my project and to collaborate with the others.
In the summer of the 2006 I studied HTML and CSS and I created a small website with my first official version of Lupo PenSuite, with as logo a wolf that wraps a USB flash drive.
Months passed, the project was improved, I started to use PStart as launcher and progressively also the website aspect was improved. I helped various projects similar to mine and that developed portable software, like PortableFreeware, PortableApps and FramaKey.
Discussing on some forums I gained knowledge of a new great project, WinPenPack: an Italian project that appeared very active and well developed. I decided to collaborate also with them, while I began to write small tutorials for portablize applications, I improved documentation and structure of my Suite and at the end of 2006 I changed the main launcher with an open source one: ASuite.
During the early months of 2007 I also continued the collaboration with oPenSuite, the project realized by Salvatore, while I completely rewrote the website and with the help of some friends I also translated it in English.
From April 2007 users and collaborators began to decidedly increase, many also from the foreign countries, so we decided to develop the Suite in more languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish) and to create a Lite version to leave maximum freedom to the user.
At the end of August we started also a direct cooperation with SpazioPC, a website that offered to host our forums and suite packages. In October it was been substantially modified the website, rewriting the bulk of the sources and adding some JavaScript effects.
In early 2008 we decided to purchase a dedicated domain, maintaining important collaborations with NextHardware (before called SpazioPC). The site has been improved, even with the addition of German translation, and were created Suite translation packages in many other languages.
In April I began to use NSIS to create the wizard extraction of the main package and I designed skins for the new menu. Then in July I also began to use AutoIt (a BASIC-like scripting language) to create the "Update Checker", a tool to verify the presence of new Suite releases and download them, the "Setting Updater", that permit to transfer application setting files from the previous release to the next one, and the "Icon Switcher", to switch icon sets of the Suite menu. At the end of september I reorganized these tools and unified them in a unique software, the "Suite Manager".
Developments go on, with various improvements to both the website and the Suite, while we costantly work to improve the update process.
We will update news from time to time ^ ^

- Acknowledgements

Lupo73 (author)
Manuel (new website under development)
Rain (programmer & project)
Stratego (french translation, forum & project)

DjWiz (torrent & tester) [08-2007/go on]
Floorfilla (deutsch translation & tester) [11-2007/01-2008]
ingkiller1 (torrent & tester) [05-2007/12-2007]
Leandro (portuguese translation) [08-2008/go on]
OutLikeAShoe (programmer) [06-2008/08-2008]
Riz (hosting) [05-2008/go on]
Schirone (documentation) [05-2006/10-2007]
Silvia (english translation) [05-2006/06-2006]
Smith (site graphics, hosting & forum) [05-2007/06-2008]
Voyager-mod-Style (site graphics & tester) [04-2006/02-2007]

Internet Magazine (publication 01-2008)
NextHardware.net (general collaboration)
Office Magazine (publication 02-2008)
PC Professionale Magazine (publication 10-2008)
PuntoCR.it (general collaboration)
Shadowbox Developer (website box-effect)
StudioTwentyEight (website background)
YOwn.net (general collaboration)

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